Monthly Archives: October 2019

Disaster Policy Implementation: Tropical Storm Imelda

October 8, 2019 — On October 4, 2019 FEMA issued a Disaster Declaration for Texas Tropical Storm Imelda (DR-4466). Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4466-DR has authorized individual assistance in the following counties: Chambers, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery & Orange COUNTIES IN DECLARED DISASTER AREA AND APPRAISALS COMPLETED PRIOR TO DISASTER Re-inspection/certification of value is required on any property in a …
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USDA Rural Housing 2020 Fiscal Year – Funding Announcement

October 4, 2019 — Per the Fiscal Year 2020 Commitment Notice released September 12, 2019 funding will be temporarily unavailable for the USDA Rural Housing Loan program beginning October 1, 2019.  USDA Rural Development will issue Conditional Commitments “subject to the availability of commitment authority” until funds have been allocated. USDA RD loans with Conditional Commitments attached to fiscal …
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SETH GoldStar changes to 10 Year Government DPA Option

October 1, 2019 — Effective Monday October 14th, 2019, the 10 Year DPA option for the SETH Goldstar Program will be temporarily discontinued until further notice.  This is only for the 10 Year Government DPA Loan Option in the SETH Goldstar Program, including FHA, VA and USDA.  The last day to lock the 10 Year SETH Goldstar with the …
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