Product Advantages with Gateway

Gateway’s broad range of products and loan programs with minimal overlays will help you achieve your business objectives. We know every lender has different needs and we are here to provide you with the flexibility you desire. Whether government or conventional, our products help you reach success.

Conforming / Conventional Products

  • Fixed Rate & SOFR ARM
  • High Balance Fixed Rate
  • Condo CPM Approval
  • Down payment assistance programs allowed*
  • Minimum credit score 620 and no maximum DTI (with DU Approve/Eligible)
  • Flexible MI structures allowed (split, financed single premium or lender-paid)
  • Texas 50(a)(6) cash out refinances
  • Rural and Ag Exempt properties

Government Products

  • FHA Fixed Rate
  • FHA & VA High Balance Fixed Rate
  • Same servicer not required on FHA/VA/USDA streamlines
  • Down payment assistance programs allowed on FHA, VA, and 184 loans*
  • Minimum credit score 600 and no maximum DTI (with AUS Approve/Eligible)
  • USDA
  • HUD 184-Native American program

Specialty Loan Programs

  • SETH GoldStar Homebuyer Assistance Program – Conventional and Government Loans
  • Texas Veterans Land Board – TVLB
  • CAFA Gold 100 Homebuyer Assistance Program – Conventional and Government Loans
  • Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA) Open Doors – Conventional and Government Loans
  • Diamond DPA Homebuyer Assistance Program
  • REI Flex 100 Homebuyer Assistance Program

Certain programs and products may not be available in all states.

*Gateway-approved DPAs only