Update Your Records!

Our new address will be:  244 South Gateway Place, Jenks, OK 74037-3448

All of the following items should be delivered to the new address:

  • Original Notes:  Attn:  Correspondent Note Custodian
  • Fees Due to Gateway:  Attn:  Correspondent Accounting
  • Final Documents:  Attn:  Correspondent Final Documents
  • Tax Bills:  Attn:  Tax Department
  • Hazard, Flood & MI Policies – Attn:  Insurance Department
  • Mortgage Payoffs – Attn:  Payoffs

Effective address change dates for both US and express mail services are:

  1. US Mail – Change effective, Monday, October 10, 2016
  2. FedEx and UPS – Change effective, Monday October, 24, 2016

Please note, the address for all borrower payments is not changing and will continue to be made at the existing PO Box address listed in our client guide.

For questions please contact your Regional Sales Manager.