Effective with Locks taken on or after July 15, 2019, Clients will be required to use the AUS system that corresponds with the selected Agency Loan Program (AUS Pure).  The reason for this requirement is there may be a difference in pricing between FNMA (CF30) vs. FHLMC (CF30-FHLMC) on our rate sheet and in the GEMS System.  If you Price/Lock a FHLMC Loan Program, clients MUST use and deliver LP as the AUS Findings.  If a FNMA Loan Program will be Priced/Locked, clients will be required to use and deliver DU as the AUS Findings.

If AUS Findings delivered do not match the Agency Locked Loan Program, pricing will be adjusted based on the delivered AUS Findings for purchase at the date/time of initial Locked Loan.  The Agency locked program name needs to match supporting AUS Findings.

For Example:

CF30-FHLMC (use LP Findings only)

CF30 – (use DU Findings only)

Please note:  Lock confirmations are available in the GEMS portal by selecting Lock History, View Lock Confirmation.  If a locked loan is going to use different AUS findings than the Loan Program allows (DU findings on a CF30-FHLMC), please contact the Gateway Commitment Desk to update findings and adjust price to supported AUS Findings.  Clients are responsible to review each Lock Confirmation for accuracy & to notify the Gateway Commitment Desk if there are any discrepancies at: (855) 825-6520 or corrlock@gatewayloan.com