Linda Garloch

Linda Garloch

VP, Correspondent Operations

Garloch has more than twenty years of correspondent operations experience. She joined Gateway as Correspondent Operations Manager in 2012. She has been instrumental in growing and launching operations platforms every place she works. Garloch works closely as a business analyst with technology teams to design, develop and execute new and improved operations and client portal system platforms. She takes pride in assuring her operations team is trained with all the knowledge they need to perform their job.

Garloch started her mortgage career in 1987 with Principal Residential Mortgage. In 2004, she joined IndyMac Bank and then went to MetLife Home Loans in 2011. Garloch has achieved recognition for Operations Top Producer awards at Principal Residential Mortgage and IndyMac Bank.

Garloch holds an accounting degree in business administration from American Institute of Business.

When not working mortgages, Garloch likes to watch NASCAR and spend time with her four-legged kids. All four dogs have racing names – Indy, Piston, Turbo and Axle. Even though she has lived in Arizona and Texas for twenty years, she stays very close to her family and roots in Iowa.