Gateway has two announcements below regarding our GEMS System website loan pipeline/shipping portal.  Please be sure to forward this announcement to your associates that have access to our GEMS portal.

     1. Temporary Step Required to Price and Lock FHA loans

At this time our software is not supporting the automated “FHA Case # Assigned” field for FHA 2018 County Limits in the “Product Search” screen in GEMS.  Until this is supported, please follow the steps below to receive accurate pricing for FHA loan.  We will send an announcement to let you know when this required step is no longer needed.

The “FHA Case # Assigned” field defaults to “On or after 1/1/2018” – if your FHA Case # Assigned date range is:

  • On or after 1/1/2018, click “Submit” and proceed to pricing
  • Prior to 1/1/2018, click the drop down arrow in this field, choose the correct date, then click “Submit” and proceed to pricing

     2. Universal Loan Identifier (ULI) Requirement

Effective February 8, 2018, our Clients will be required to enter the ULI (letters and numbers only) in our GEMS System on the “Home Screen” prior to changing loan status to “Submitted for Purchase” when delivering loan files.  A blank ULI field will be conditioned and must be completed prior to purchase, however, providing the ULI on a separate form will no longer be required.

We understand sometimes you may not be required to create a ULI, in those situations, enter your Lender or Gateway loan number instead, do not leave the field blank.  Exceptions for entering a loan number versus ULI number may include:

  • Non-Delegated loan where Gateway underwrites the loan and makes the credit decision
  • Note Date is 2017
  • You meet CFPB regulations and are not required to report ULI HMDA

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager with any questions.