In anticipation of the FHFA announcement, Gateway Correspondent is increasing our Conventional loan limits effective immediately.

  • Increased loan limits are effective for new locks for Conventional loans only.
  • Government loan limits, Texas Veteran Land Board loans, and Specialty Lending products remain unchanged.
  • Loans with AUS approve/ineligible results, solely due to the loan amount exceeding 2023 limits, but meeting the limits listed below are eligible for purchase by Gateway.¬† Please note, if a DU loan has more than just loan amount for ineligible feedback, we will request DU be re-run prior to loan purchase.¬† LPA loans must be ineligible only due to the loan amount exceeding the 2023 limits but fitting within the limits shown below.


New Loan Limits

Units States (Excluding AK & HI) AK & HI
1 $750,000 $1,125,000
2 $960,000 $1,440,400
3 $1,160,700 $1,741,100
4 $1,442,500 $2,163,800


Please direct any questions to your Regional Sales Manager