Operations & Underwriting

Linda Garloch

VP, Correspondent Operations

Phone: (972) 372-2546

Tatum Hunter

Senior Manager, Client Liaison

Phone: (972) 476-8739

Toll Free: (855) 825-6522

Jason Tiemann

Manager, Correspondent Underwriting

Phone: (972) 543-1521

Bruce Brown

Purchase Audit Manager

Phone: 972.725.7051

Toll Free: 855.825.6522

Allen Herrington

Funding Manager

Phone: (972) 453-1482

Toll Free: (855) 825-6522

Client Liaisons

If you have questions regarding post-delivery operational issues, including suspense conditions, wire reconciliations, and website technical assistance, please direct your inquiries to your Client Liaison listed below:

Crystal Davis

Senior Client Liaison Specialist

Phone: (972) 535-3158

Toll Free: (855) 825-6522

Jeremy Parker

Senior Client Liaison Specialist

Phone: (972) 372-2554

Toll Free: (855) 825-6522

Ebony LaFayette

Senior Client Liaison Specialist

Phone: (972) 685-1704

Toll Free: (855) 825-6522

Please e-mail questions regarding underwriting policies, guidelines and scenarios to CorrUnderwriting@GatewayLoan.com. E-mails will be responded to within one day.

Always include your Gateway Client ID and Loan # in all communications!